Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A cautionary note re shampooing on Yom Tov

Rabbi Yehuda Hausman's posted opinion (p'sak?) allowing hot-water showering and shampooing on a Yom Tov (Festival) that doesn't also fall on Shabbat (Sabbath) does raise one interesting question--does shampooing on Yom Tov work for "long-hairs?" I believe that the answer is "no," for a purely practical reason. According to Rav Hausman, halachah/Jewish religious law would permit one to pat down one's hair, but my impression is that halachah would not permit one to give one's hair the usual vigorous toweling. While patting one's hair with a towel might keep one's hair from dripping, it wouldn't get hair truly dry--the hair would have to "air dry," essentially. This might work for someone with short-to-medium-length hair, but a person with hair that's roughly shoulder-length or longer would have to wait an awfully long time for her/his hair to "air dry"--and one does have to leave the house sooner or later. :)


Blogger Miami Al said...

Only if you live in a horrible part of the world where you can't count on 85 degree weather to help you out... :)

Wed Apr 11, 01:56:00 PM 2012  
Anonymous Patent Attorney said...

Sounds like more trouble than it's worth really!

Thu Jun 12, 06:15:00 AM 2014  

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